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Checkout Why Tea Lovers Consider Darjeeling Tea.

Checkout Why Tea Lovers Consider Darjeeling Tea.

  • 01-11-2022

  • iBrewTea

Nothing compares to the pleasure of a warm cup of gourmet  Darjeeling loose-leaf tea when it comes to tea. This tea is beyond everything as it becomes the favorite tea in the world.

Darjeeling teas are only produced in the Darjeeling Region, which is located at the foot of the Himalayas. Up to 4000 feet above sea level, when the soil is a little acidic, are the locations of tea gardens.

Excellent teas can only be grown in a subtropical climate with alternating sunny and gloomy days. Less than 1% of the world's tea is produced in Darjeeling, but it has an endless charm. You can drink this tea with or without milk.


Reasons Why Tea Lovers Consider Darjeeling Tea As The Champagne of Teas


  • Supreme Taste


As we mentioned earlier the location Darjeeling have is unique. Darjeeling is best suited for high-end muscatel-flavored teas because of its subtropical high altitude temperature, somewhat acidic soil, and frequent sunny and foggy intervals.


  • Badge With Gl


The only tea in the entire world to receive GI trademark protection is Darjeeling Tea. This (GI) symbol elevates Darjeeling tea above other types of tea and indicates that these teas are unique to the Darjeeling region and have not been grown anywhere else.


  • Production & Manufacturing Style


All the manufacturing hubs these days are controlled by machines but Darjeeling is not. Darjeeling, where since tea was originally cultivated here in 1845, most teas are still made using traditional methods.


Final Views


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